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The founders of Ojai Natural Foods believe the food industry has failed our nation of consumers.  While government regulators may be well intended, critically needed change does not come fast enough.  Unfortunately, the FDA's approach to regulated food labels is still confusing and does not adequately alert consumers that products contain unhealthy levels of basic nutrients like sugar, fats or salts, let alone other ingredients that are far worse.   We acknowledge that regulating powerful and important businesses can be a tricky, but we are very disappointed that the food industry can sell products that they say are “healthy” and clearly are not.  There is a health crisis in America caused by poor nutrition, yet few understand the magnitude of how bad it really is.  For instance, 

*  Type II diabetes effects 9.3% of the US population and 25.6% of those of retirement age, and these levels increase every year.  

*  Incidence of child obesity, once a rarity is now commonplace and 32% of our children ages 6 to 16 technically qualify as overweight or obese.   The adult population is far worse off.  

*  Finally, 1/3 of all adults suffer from high-blood pressure and, every year,  23.4% of all deaths in the US are from heart disease.  Even with all the modern medical technologies, heart disease  is still the leading cause of death in the USA.  

Consumers clearly need to be helped to make better choices.  The country needs new leadership and new ways to talk about nutrition.  Our company, Ojai Natural Foods, is ready to accept that role and be worthy of our tagline - Nutrition for a New Generation.

Wally Barker & Ian Robertson

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