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BUK Nutz-Toasted Almond Vanilla Granola (PALEO) 15 oz.

BUK Nutz brand Toasted almond granola has a vanilla almond aroma and light sweetness. It is slow roasted buckwheat with coconut oil, almonds, raisins, honey and flax seeds.  It is shipped in a Re-Seal-able Pouch

Product Net weight: 15 oz.

Ingredients: sprouted organic buckwheat, organic almonds, organic honey, organic raisins, organic coconut flour, organic coconut oil, organic flax seed, organic vanilla extract, organic almond extract, sea salt, ascorbic acid (Vit. C)


We love what we do here at BUK foods. We want to make a positive effect on your lives and the planet we live on. Our buckwheat is sustainable farmed, organic and NON-GMO sourced. We always use organic ingredients when ever possible. We use buckwheat for it's amazing nutrition and it's ability to help support bee populations with a great food source, a crop that does not require pesticides or fertilizers and it's earth regenerative properties. All our ingredients are NON-GMO sourced.


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